The Best Dating Advice For Single Guys

Whenever I get questions from guys about dating I always tell them to forget about the girl and look at themselves. That is the key. Unless you are happy with yourself without a girl, be it a full-blown relationship, or just a quick one-night stand, there is no way you’ll be happy with a girl and certainly no way she will be happy with you.

So take some time before you start dating, whether you are just going to bars and chatting up girls, or you are looking online at the many dating sites there are available, to decide what kind of man you are and what kind of man you can be. If you are worried about yourself, unconfident, or shy, then you are always going to have trouble getting a girl as these are all qualities that women are not attracted to. And don’t blame women for this, these are all qualities that everyone is not attracted to, whether men or women. You have to work on becoming a good person, before you can get a good person. In that vein, here are a few tips to make sure that you can sidle up the girl in the bar (or press send on that dating email) with confidence every time.

confident dating

The key to dating is confidence

Confidence Is Key

This is what it is all about. You have to be confident. Not cocky, not arrogant, not brash. Just confident. You are who you are and you have to be happy with that, otherwise change it. If you feel that you should lose a few pounds then do it, otherwise stop complaining.
But here’s the thing. It doesn’t actually matter about those few pounds. The girls probably don’t notice it, and even if they do, they don’t care half as much as you do. Just think how many hot girls you see on the arm of not-so-hot guys. We always think that is about money, but that isn’t always true. Instead it is about the confidence of that man. Perhaps the money makes them confident, but it is the confidence that attracts the woman, the good ones at least. You do not have to lose a lot of weight, neither do you have to look like Zac Efron, or have a million-dollar career. Rather you just have to act like those things are true, or rather that those things do not matter, to be confident.
In other words, just fake it. A guy acting confident looks exactly like a guy who is confident to the girls at the bar.

enjoy dating women

make sure you have fun when dating, or when not

It Isn’t The Be All And End All…

On of the things that really blows a man’s confidence is when he is having trouble in the dating arena. We have all been there. I certainly have. One date doesn’t go well, then two, then a girl rebuffs you at a bar, and suddenly you are having an existential crisis, wondering whether you will ever find someone. This kills you confidence and you do one of two things. You either retreat into your shell, shunning women forever and becoming a monk, or you go double or quits. You start hitting on everything that moves and the constant noes become poison.
Instead what you need to do is step back for a while and reassess. Move away from dating, bars, clubs and websites for a while and get back to the real world. Enjoy your work, your family, and your friends. Take up a new hobby, or head off on a trip. Anything to take you away from that vicious cycle of negativity. Once you do that, your mind while refresh and you will be able to go back to dating reinvigorated and ready for the challenge. Plus, you will be a more interested, more relaxed, more confident (see above) man, which will be like nectar to any girl you come across.

enjoy being together

When you meet someone, it will be special

It’ll Take Time

Just like tip number two suggests, do not see time as your enemy. A lot of guys get so would up that they can’t get laid this second, that the ruin any long term chances. It is important to set yourself goals and think about what you really want from dating. It is a simple hook up, or something more long term. If the former, then sure, head out for the night with that in mind and don’t worry about burning bridges in pursuit of that quick lay.
But if you are actually more interested in a relationship, then remember these take time to cultivate, and are unlikely to start at a club, shouting over the DJ. Instead think about who your friends might be able to introduce you to, or where else you might be able to meet a girl. Join an art class, a gym, a wine-tasting club, anywhere where you can strike up a friendship with some women that might last.
Take the time to get to know someone, and take the time to get to know yourself. Both of these will allow you to have a much better and rewarding dating experience that will actually lead to a relationship.

Stopping a Partner From Cheating

Stopping your partner from cheating on you means that you have to put in some work to the relationship, especially if it is your fault that they are thinking about cheating.
When people cheat, it is very hurtful and often has long term effects on how much you trust others. Cheating isn’t just limited to guys, girls cheat just as often as men. Often, people blame their partner for driving them to cheating because they have been treating them badly. If you are the perfect partner, your partner never has a reason to cheat on you. Follow our advice and your partner will realize how much they would lose if they were to cheat.

improve your relationship

Save your relationship

Stay In Shape

Exercise is something that most people don’t think about as something they should do to improve their relationship, but a good amount of relationships are ruined because both of the partners put on a few pounds and end up less interested in each other. This then compounds itself to the partners’ relationship, meaning that you end up spending less time together.

Exercise has huge benefits for pretty much anyone and it has been proven time and time again that exercise makes you a better and happier person, which in turn makes you fun. Your partner might tell you that they are happy with you how you are but almost anyone on the planet is unlikely to tell you that you don’t live up to their expectations that they had at the start of the relationship. If you have put on a bit of weight as you get comfortable with your partner, they might see you as less attractive, even if they don’t tell you. Working out is good for you and your relationship, so go ahead and make yourself sign up for a gym or start working out. You don’t need to go overboard, just exercise a few times a week!

Emotional Support

If your partner is having a hard time in their life and you are not open to helping them out and listening to them, you might find that your partner could cheat because they are not getting what they need, emotionally.
A lot of cheating occurs when people are sad and depressed and feel like they can’t talk to their partner. If you are ignoring your partner, don’t be surprised when they go looking elsewhere for support. If this happens to be in the arms of another lover, it is on you.

Most emotionally charged cheating could be prevented if you act less selfishly and communicate with your partner more often and in a better, healthier manner. Talk regularly about whatever is bothering you and offer consul to your partner to do the same.

after an affair

Try to communicate better with your partner

Improve Your Rapport

Cheating can also be cry for attention, validation and proof that they are desirable to the world. Showing support and appreciating their qualities by telling them their true value is vital. Whilst it can be hard to tell people how you really feel without feeling vulnerable, even a nice text message or call improve things. Make time to work on each other’s emotional and physical health and then they will have very little reason to cheat. If you act withdrawn and non-appreciative, it’s time that you show your partner some love.

Switch It Up

A lot of people cheat because they and bored or sick of how someone acts. Cheating with someone else is novel and interesting and offers them an escape for a few hours to spend time with someone truly different and interesting. If you end up doing the same things all the time, your partner is probably getting bored

Often, you don’t even have to change many things in your relationship to keep it fresh. Try making sure you are giving your partner enough attention and validation to make them feel good about themselves and make sure you spend enough time with them as well. A lot of relationships end up being pretty bad as people spend all their time at work or with other people and the person who has invested more in to the relationship feels lost and alone. Even if your partner seems to put up a front and seems like they are happy most of the time, this could be a façade and you’ll be left wondering why they cheated, when the signs were there all the time on the lead up to cheating.

Cheating, at the end of the day is human nature and shows your partner that you are not limited to just their affections. Most cheating can be prevented with a little care but most people in relationships are not happy with themselves, let alone their partner so people go looking elsewhere for validation, at the cost of their relationships.

Five Ways to Mesmerize Your Date

The time is five minutes before you leave for your date. You’ve been watching the clock for a near hour now. Scrambling through your closet to find a decent outfit, checking directions for the coffee shop where you will meet, you begin to feel a bit nervous. You wonder if you will be good enough to attract, to romance, to entertain. You are going on a date to seek a deeper connection, with a stranger. It is an odd scenario. But, having confidence in yourself can transform this uncomfortable moment to one of exhilaration. By knowing yourself and knowing what you want, you can become a sexier, more confident date. Here are five ways you can improve your dating swagger.

Mesmerize Your Date

Mesmerize Your Date

Love Yourself

Confidence begins with what you have inside. Spend some time monitoring the way you speak to yourself, the way you treat yourself. If you have a lot of negativity towards yourself. Change the dialogue. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself, or keep a journal to monitor your inner speech. Loving yourself has nothing to do with selfishness. As a person in this world, you have your own interests, style, humor, talents and you should appreciate them all. Understand that by loving yourself, you enjoy your own thought process. When you enjoy your own thought process, your mind transforms into this curious, fun-loving entity. No longer dragged down by the weight of negativity, your mind looks outward instead of criticizing what is inside. You become your true self, without concern, and are more interested in exploring the world around you. Think about it this way. If you don’t enjoy spending time by yourself, how could anyone else? Be a curious, enthusiastic person. Explore your world and develop your interests. Confidence is knowing who you are and what you want.

Dress with Respect

dress with respect

Dress with respect

The first perception of confidence is the way you dress. Invest money and time in a nice wardrobe. Everyone judges you from your appearance. You shouldn’t be particularly caring of their opinions, but a decent wardrobe will show a confident, expressive person. The simplest boost to the wardrobe starts with the feet. Nothing speaks more about confidence to another person than your shoes. Don’t wear those ragged sneakers, or those cheap, tame dress shoes from five years ago. Show your character through your shoes. If you want to experiment with a flashy sneaker combo, go for it. If you want to look slick, buy a dress shoe that is normally out of your price range. Break out of character and invest in nice pair. Shoes come in so many varieties and styles, our feet have become the most self-expressive item in our wardrobe other than accessories. If you want to add some more personality, go with accessories. Wear a nice watch, a patterned scarf, a blazer. Look through magazines and focus on how the designers take standard outfits to the next level by adding a contrasting texture, a splash of color, or a pattern. Experiment with your wardrobe. When you find a good combination and are looking good, your confidence will beam and you will turn heads.

Make a Plan

Everyone enjoys being spontaneous. But, for a date, it is important to take the time to find a fun activity. Align the date spot with your interests and personality. Make yourself feel comfortable, yet intriguing. Nothing looks worse than showing up for a date and aimlessly looking for a place that might be interesting. Your date will see that you really didn’t put a lot of thought into the date, or worse, you don’t know what you are doing. By having a plan, you will have the opportunity to show your interests and personality. Thinking about that bar with skeeball? Or that coffeeshop with a small art gallery? Now is your chance to finally go. Be adventurous. Get out of your comfort zone. These are necessary attitudes for a fun date. Each day we should explore something new and exciting. The fun part of datings is you get to explore something new with another person.

make a plan

Learn to make interesting plans when you date a girl

Don’t Overthink It

Body language is the unspoken dialogue. We listen to advice concerning the amount of eye contact, keeping your body relaxed and open, pointing your heart to the person. Remember, it is your subconscious for a reason. You can’t control it all the time. The subconscious is your honest and true self communicating to the other person. Why would you want to interfere with needless thoughts? And, if we try to control these movements such as eye contact and body position, our actions look fake, unauthentic.  So, you are told to make a lot of eye contact with a person. On the date, your thoughts are focused on how much eye contact is enough, how much is too much, rather than focusing on enjoying the company of your date. Don’t be too cognizant of these movements or you will drive yourself crazy. If you love yourself, trust yourself, let your subconscious do as it may. If you are genuinely interested, your subconscious will show it. If you are not so interested, don’t fake it. Change something quickly about the date. Change the scene, or pace. Make it interesting for yourself. If you are bored, chances are they are bored. Trust your instincts.

No Pressure

A confident person will show their best and enjoy the effort without a concern for results. Moments before the date, you may wonder if the date will meet our expectations, or if you will feel comfortable around the other person. Nerves may develop as we dress ourselves or travel to the date spot. But, these nerves are developing because you may be imagining all the things that may go wrong. You may not feel so assured about yourself. A confident person won’t have these thoughts. They believe that whatever happens in the end is for the best. So, stop concerning yourself over the idea of a successful date. Simply enjoy the date. If the person is a good match, then go on another date. But, don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole. I think all of us have been in those relationships where we knew the date didn’t feel quite natural, but forced ourselves to anyways so that we would feel successful. Then, months later, we wonder why we are stuck with this person. If the person is not right for you, move on. You may miss an opportunity to find your match.

A confident date will know who they are and what they want. Express this amount of confidence in the way you speak to yourself, the way you dress, and the activities that you choose for the date. Remember to love yourself and trust your instincts.  Don’t think about all the laws of body language, or making sure you are a good date. All of these concerns will be taken care of if you truly appreciate yourself and have a genuine interest in the other person. You are on a date to seek a deeper connection with another person. Enjoy yourself; enjoy the other person. Enjoy the effort and have a good time. If you stay true to yourself, you may feel the a moment when a person both empowers you and makes you feel vulnerable. This is the moment when you are swept off your feet. Enjoy the ride.

Tips To Make Business Popular On Social Media

It becomes highly difficult at times to stand out amidst the crowd especially when it comes to initiating a small business. There are severe limitations due to several factors like lack of capital, financial aid, proper staffing, sufficient funds for marketing and advertising your products and business on the whole; expert’s advice and a lot more. But there is absolutely no reason to worry about it.

Ways to handle the limitations

There are several ways to tackle these limitations. All it requires is the confidence, intelligence, commitment and hard work of the individuals to a huge extent. One of the intelligent ways to handle the situation is to make the small business stand out on the social media.

Define Social Media

Social media can be defined as the platform for social interaction where a huge lot of people can be addressed at a time. Social media marketing is now one of the most effective marketing strategies undertaken by many businessmen. It gives wonderful exposure to the business at almost zero cost. It also helps to strengthen the presence of the business globally by interacting with a huge mass of people. Therefore, it helps to make the small business popular among the public effectively.

Make business popular on social media

Make business popular on social media

There are several easy steps to make people aware about your business on social media. These steps need to be considered during the initial stages to tackle the limitations effectively. Below are the 5 Easy Steps to Make Your Small Business Stand out on Social Media.

1. Focus the target group and build the network: This is the first step that should be identified by the individual. Once the target group is identified requests shall be sent along with the customized message with a personal touch in it. This will attract the focus group more and build the network effectively.

2. Announce the presence of the business: Once the target group is captivated the next step will be to propagate the presence of the business via newsletter. This will make people aware of the business to a huge extent.

3. Keep in touch: It is required to maintain the connection with the target group effectively. This part is a bit difficult task. But it can be maintained easily by properly replying to the messages, making people aware of the new products, collecting information from the group, etc.

4. Converse attentively: The next step is to communicate properly. Miscommunication can cause blunder. It is essential that proper heed is provided to the fan’s comments and replied sincerely. Also the grievances need to be addressed well.

5. Control the social presence: Finally, it is extremely important to monitor the presence of the business socially among the mass. The individual should be aware of the news that is present online about his business among the target customers.

Make business popular on social media

Are these steps followed meticulously; you can make your business stand out among the crowd despite the various limitations. And this will eventually steer the business to progress.

Items Worth Spending An Extra Dollar On

With the ever growing inflation, most people prefer shopping on shoe-string budgets. They are normally price conscious owing to limited incomes. Nevertheless, there things you cannot possibly ignore. Many of these items are usually luxury items. There essence of splurging a little more cash on these items is for you to have an above average product. Some 5 Items Worth Splurging On, Even If You’re Saving For Something Bigger are discussed here.

Bed and Mattress

These two items can be very expensive. This prompts most people to go for second hand or used ones in order to save a little cash on the cost ending up on poor quality. But think about it. Would you rather sleep on a mattress that is as hard as a rock while saving for something bigger or would you go for quality? You will need a mattress and bed on a daily basis and this forms the reason why you will need quality on these products. For instance if you part with $1600 for a mattress and you have it for six years, you will essentially be using a paltry $0.73 every days. This is worth your cash.

Kitchen Appliances

Since you eat every day you should consider splurging a little more on kitchen appliances. Consider a microwave that is so old that it takes twice the amount of time and energy heating food. You end up incurring more on paying for power bills and losing a lot on time which is an important resource. You will however not attach any significance and value to kitchen appliance if you do not use your kitchen regularly. It is cost effective to spend more on a new stove that will last for long than less on one that will wear out after a short time.

Home Tools

If your home has a lawn, you definitely know that a lawn mower is basic. Investing on a quality one will obviously cost you a little more but will save you repair and maintenance costs owing to regular break downs. This applies to other tools that are frequently used around the home. This is however not to say that you go for the most expensive there is but rather quality that will give you quality for your money.

Quality for your money.

Quality for your money.

Quality Clothes

Splurging on quality clothes can be really hard especially when there numerous cheaper alternatives. Investing $60 on a pair work pants or socks that will last for three to four years is better than spending $20 for a product that will last for only a couple of months. At times it is worth it splurging a little on nicer clothes if they will last you a long time.


You pretty well understand how expensive glasses can be if you use them. You also know how cheaper their frames can be. Glasses are particularly important because they alleviate your eyesight defects. Losing eyesight is the last thing a glass wearer would want to think of. For this reason, it is important to splurge on the best quality there is.

Cheap is sometimes expensive

Cheap is sometimes expensive

It is important to understand that you save a great deal splurging on products that we use on a daily basis. This idea not only leaves happy but gives you the convenience of sticking to your budget thereby saving on a regular basis. Cheap is sometimes expensive.

Stay Powered Up All Day With These Energizing Foods

Hectic routines, 5 minute lunches and unhealthy snacking are all unfortunate characteristics of the lives that we live today. There are times when we feel rather lethargic and drained out at work, instead of being active and perky. Perhaps, one of the reasonable explanations for these feelings is work-related stress, but we cannot entirely rule out the effects of improper dietary habits that we have adopted in our routine lives. It is times like these that make us wonder how we can regain our energies in a sustainable manner, simultaneously not slacking at work. There are a number of things you can do to feel refreshed and energized, amidst the frantic work life that you cherish. For starters, let’s focus our energies on determining powerful foods, which can help revive our dull moments into ones filled with energy.

Banana – The king of all fruits

Fruits, especially organic ones, are generally healthy options for people of all ages. While peaches, apricots and apples are also categorized as power fruits, bananas are by far the highest energy providing fruits available. Rich in potassium and sugary carbohydrates, a banana restores the potassium level in your body, which could have originally been affected due to enhanced stress levels. The sugary carbohydrates provide a sustainable energy boost to a drained out human being, and lifts their power levels significantly. Be sure to pack a banana before rushing to work; you might need it to feel refreshed.

Oatmeal for breakfast is bound to keep you on your toes for long

Most of us would rather grab a cream cheese bagel for breakfast, than the occasional cup of oatmeal! Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is not wise to pack it with cars and fats. Oatmeal and other whole grain foods are rich in fiber and vitamins, which enable the body to maintain energy levels for a long period of time. Throw in a bunch of berries in your oatmeal bowl, and feel energized for hours!

Feel energized for hours.

Feel energized for hours.

Almonds and other nuts

Don’t freak out just by reading the word ‘nuts’. It is true that nuts contain a high level of fats, but almonds are said to contain the ‘good’ fats, those that are essential for the body to store energy. Cashews and hazelnuts are also viable options, considering that they, too, contain good fats and a blend of some vital vitamins, minerals and proteins. A few almonds every now and then from your desk drawer in the office, are not bound to hurt your health. Instead, they will make you feel positively energized.

Salmon for Lunch?

Five minute lunches? Not a good idea! Instead, grab a friend and sit down to a protein-filled salmon lunch, which will give you the mid-day energy boost that your body is craving for. Salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which the body is unable to produce on its own. If you feel low and drained out, have a salmon salad for lunch, and feel the difference.

Yogurt for the Evening

People often feel drained out right after work, before dinner. Instead of snacking on packaged junk, have a cup of yogurt to feel energized. Yogurt is full of calcium, zinc and proteins, which are adequate to boost your evening energy needs considerably.

Full of positive energies.

Full of positive energies.

Maintaining energy levels is not a very difficult task, as it may seem. Once you add these foods to your daily routines, chances are that your dull days will be transformed into perky ones. In addition, it is always a wise idea to drink water regularly, and exercise in the morning, so that the whole day ahead is full of positive energies.

Home Theatre Projector Vs Television: Which Will Be A Better Choice

First of all, it is important to understand that any television can be easily used in any home theater system. In case you already possess a basic television in a good working condition, you just need a standard cable or antenna with video and audio connections to view DVD and TV images. However, one question people often ask themselves is that whether they should upgrade to home theater projectors or not. In other words, if buying a video device has become necessary these days.

Don’t Confuse Yourself with Technical Details

Most of the consumers get confused by the terminology and wide range of choices available in the market these days. Earlier, one had to visit a store and order a 25-inch old-fashioned tube television. However, a lot of different brands and sizes are available in the market these days. For instance, you may want to buy a 32-inch television, but get confused between a 32-inch and 40-inch as soon as you visit the store. Moreover, you also need to choose between other features including LCD, plasma, front projection and rear projection.

It is very important to keep it simple. Always remember that your choice will depend on your own needs and room environment. Whether you should buy a home theater projector or television depends on how much space you have in the room and for what purpose do you wish to buy any one of these. The most important question to ask yourself is whether you wish to watch televisions programs or Blu-ray disc and DVD movies. If a lot of your time will be spent watching television, buying a home theater projector could prove to be a waste of money.

Some Factors You Should Consider

Some important factors which you should consider while making a choice between a home theatre projector and television are as follows:

Televisions have RF cable or antenna connections.

Televisions have RF cable or antenna connections.

Televisions have RF cable or antenna connections. These are absent in projectors. However, you would be able to hook component, S-Video, DVI or HDMI connections to a projector. But your cable or satellite box needs to be compatible to accomplish this.

It is important to understand that home theater projectors have a limited bulb life. This means you may have to replace light source bulb every two years if you watch television on a projector for more than four hours a day. Replacing the light bulb may cost you up to $200-$400.

In order to get better picture quality with projectors, you will need HDTV cable or HDTV satellite. With large screen sizes, standard TV does not give good quality on projectors. In fact, VHS also looks poor because of low resolution.

Home theater projectors are better for people who want to view Blu-ray

Home theater projectors are better for people who want to view Blu-ray

Home theater projectors are better for people who want to view Blu-ray, DVD, HD-DVD movies and major events like the Super Bowl. However, if most of your time will be spent in watching television, there is nothing better than a standard high-definition television. It will be better to buy a LCD, LED or plasma with rear projection than the video projector. On the contrary, if you still want to buy a projector, make sure you limit your viewing to less than 15 hours a week. This way, the light bulb may last for several years.

Top 5 Signs To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is The One

Love is like a rollercoaster. Sometimes, you feel that you’ve already met the perfect person meant for you but difficult times and incompatibilities get in the way for you to know that your instinct is wrong. There is no such easy way to determine if your other half is “the one”. One time you both feel the burning passion of love, at other times you feel that you lost all the desires and attractions toward the person. There are surefire signs to know if the one you are in love with is the one destined for you.

He likes you just the way you are

This may sound cliché but you know that you’ve met the right person for you if he accepts you for who you are. You don’t have to do anything to impress your partner because everything you do seems perfect for him. He finds you intelligent, sexy, and fun to be with. He supports you in the choices you’ve made and he is proud of your accomplishments.

You are comfortable telling him all

Keeping secrets from your other half is not the sign that he is the perfect one. In true love, you will feel that you want to tell everything to your partner. You always want him to know what you are up to, what you are thinking and feeling.

He makes big sacrifices

He was always with his friends hanging out but since you became together, he changed and spends most of his time with you alone or with your family. He gave up his time and sacrificed the “boys’ night-out” because he loves you.

You have the same life priorities

It is said that opposites attract but in order to have a good long-term relationship, compatibility is really the key. If you both have the same priorities in life, you’ll avoid future disagreements and arguments.

Good long-term relationship

Good long-term relationship

He shows deep respect for you

The element of respect is significant in building and maintaining a strong relationship. If you partner shows deep respect for you, that is a sure sign that he cares and values your relationship. Having mutual respect improves your communication and deepens your commitment to each other.

he element of respect is significant in building and maintaining a strong relationship

The element of respect is significant in building and maintaining a strong relationship

Finding the “one” seems like an impossible task for most people. Every person wants to find the partner they can connect with in terms of their life priorities, interests, and even sexual desires. When you feel the challenge of finding the right person for you, never rush things and don’t consider a less than ideal partner. Searching for your destiny will not happen overnight. If you meet a potential someone, don’t waste your time and identify if this partner is really the one meant for you.